University of Delaware Participating in Student Loan Counseling Pilot Program

Pilot Program For Student Loan Counseling Being Tested At University Of Delaware

The United States Department of Education has chosen fifty-one American universities and colleges to participate in a pilot program to test student loan counseling. The program has been developed as an experiment to help students learn more about how to navigate the confusing and costly student loan systems.

What The Program Entails

The program is intended to help inform students about the ins and outs of the student loan system in America. Certain students who are loan borrowers at some of the participating universities will also be required to take part in extra counseling sessions before they will be adding more debt to their total debt during their sophomore, junior and senior years of college or university education.

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Small Business Natural Disaster Loans & Their Application Process

You have a thriving business, and it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed it would be. You get to be your own boss, choose what products you sell, and set your own hours. Your business is doing extremely well when disaster strikes. Your business becomes collateral damage to a natural disaster. You’re on the verge of losing everything you’ve worked so hard for, and you’re not sure where to turn next. This article will go over a few options for disaster loans tailored to small businesses, where to apply for them, and how to start the application process.

Business Physical Disaster Loans

You are eligible to apply for a Business Physical Disaster Loan if your business is located in an area that has officially been declared a disaster area. The Small Business Administration sets aside upwards of $2 million dollars for small businesses affected by a disaster.

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