Title Loans Columbia, Maryland

Suffering property damage and finding out your insurance policy doesn’t cover it is one of those things that increases your stress level. Wondering where you’ll get the money to make repairs can make you feel desperate, but wonder no more. Auto equity loans offer easy money and delivers it fast. Best of all, you only need a car to get the money.

What are Title Loans Columbia?

Title loans are an alternative type of funding. They are easier to get than traditional loans and are approved based on vehicle collateral. Title loans Columbia have a higher approval rate than bank loans, and there is no credit check.

For many people with low credit scores, it’s almost impossible to get a standard loan approved. That’s because mainstream lenders review an applicant’s credit report to determine if they are a good risk. Title lenders are just trying to help people with a need for money. Anyone, even those with bad credit, can apply for a title loan using a vehicle to secure the loan, and they will probably be approved.

Requirements for title loans in Maryland are simple. Applicants need to own the car they put up against the loan, and the title should be clear. When the loan is approved, the title must be turned in to the lender. It is returned when the loan is paid off. By law, all applicants must be at least 18 and have proof of ID. Applicants don’t have to be employed, but they do need an income so they can make loan payments. Other sources of non-job income include disability benefits, pensions and alimony.

Apply for Title Loans Columbia

Why waste time on the more complex application of a traditional loan when you can complete an application for online title loans in just minutes? All title lenders want to know, other than your name and how to contact you, is what kind of vehicle are you putting up as loan collateral.

Submit your application for title loans in Maryland so you can find out how much money we’re offering. If you like the offer, let’s talk about the particulars of the loan. We will explain how title loans work, work with you on a repayment plan that fits your budget and get more information about your source of income. More information about the condition of your vehicle is needed to make sure we assessed the right value. It may be necessary to do a quick vehicle inspection. After that, we just get your signature on a loan agreement and collect the title papers. Then, the money is yours to take.

Legal Guidelines

Title loans in Maryland are not allowed, but Delaware makes them available to those across the border. Residents must abide by that state’s legal guidelines, including paying off the loan within 180 days. Borrowers have the right to get out of the loan by returning the cash within one business day of receiving the money. Lenders may not penalize a borrower financially for backing out of a loan, and they may not threaten legal action for borrowers who loan payments are past due.


• Fast and easy loan applications.
• Processing is fast enough that most people get their money in less than a day.
• There is no credit check, so if you’ve been denied loans because of bad credit, that won’t be an issue.
• If you can’t pay off the loan on time, talk to the lender to get your loan renewed.
• While paying off the debt, you get to keep driving the same vehicle you put up as loan collateral.
• Interest rates are competitive and may be lower than other similar loans.

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