Title Loans Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Money is something you just can’t do without. Many times you need much more of it than you have, which can result in frustration, anxiety and panic. Instead of enduring those things, consider getting a title loan. They are easy to get and could solve your money needs.

What are Title Loans Pennsylvania?

Why waste time searching for a way to get extra money when title loans can provide what you need right away? That’s what title loans are all about; helping people who have an urgent need for cash. Title loans in Pennsylvania are personal loans that just about anyone can get without a hassle.

Title loan requirements include applicants being at least 18 and having proof of identification. They can be employed or unemployed, but all applicants must have a source of income. Anyone who doesn’t work should have an income stream that provides enough money for them to afford loan payments. Vehicles used as loan security must be the property of the applicant and have a clear title. When the borrower gets the cash loan, they give the title certificate to the lender. After the loan is paid off, the title goes back to the borrower.

No credit check is the only way title lenders operate. Loans are based on the vehicle put up for the loan, so a credit check is not necessary. Anyone with bad credit has the same chance to get a loan as those with good credit.

Apply for Title Loans Pennsylvania

In just a few minutes, you can complete the application for title loans in Pennsylvania, submit it and get a loan estimate. Instead of waiting for days or weeks to find out if you’re approved, which is what happens with mainstream loans, you find out right away. We let you know up front, as soon as we get your application, how much money we plan to lend you.

The application itself only requires your name, your contact information and some details about the vehicle. Processing a final loan package starts just as soon as you accept the loan offer. To make sure you understand how things work, we will explain title loans and answer any questions you have. It’s also necessary to get some more information about your income and your vehicle. We need to make sure we have the correct value of your car since this is how we determine your loan amount. Then, we will set up your payment plan and get your to sign a loan agreement and turn in the vehicle title. There may be a vehicle inspection before we hand over your cash, but you should get the money in less than a day.

Legal Guidelines

Pennsylvania doesn’t allow title loans, so residents need to drive into Delaware to apply for one. In that state, borrowers get 180 days payment time between the original loan term and loan renewals. Borrowers who fall behind on payments must be given an option to bring the account current before the lender repossesses the borrower’s car. Borrowers can back out of the loan by paying back the money within one business day of accepting the cash.

Title Loan Perks

• Applications are short and can be completed quickly.
• Processing if fast enough to get you the money in less than a day.
• There is no credit check, which means even those with bad credit can get title loans in Pennsylvania.
• If you need more time to pay, ask about renewing the loan.
• We won’t hold your vehicle hostage. You get to keep it while make loan payments.
• Competitive title loan interest rate.
• We keep your information confidential.

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