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The IRS won’t let you claim them as dependents, but they are legitimate members of the family. You provide them shelter and food, and you pay for their healthcare, which can be quite expensive. While pets are a joy to have around, it’s no fun shelling out money for vet bills, which can run into the hundreds of dollars annually. If you need extra cash to help cover these costs, title loans in Laurel can help.

What are Title Loans Laurel?

Title loans in Laurel are one of the easiest types of loans available in the financial industry. Title lenders have whittled down the loan process to be simple and efficient, resulting in most loans being approved and handed out in a day or less. Anyone interested in title loans needs to be at least 18 years old and have a job or another type of income. This could be alimony, retirement benefits or another source. Owning a vehicle to use as collateral is the main requirement. It can be a car, truck, motorcycle or other types of motor vehicle, but it needs to be lien-free. Instead of giving the vehicle to your lender to get the money, you just give up the title. After you pay off the loan balance, interest, and other fees, the lender gives the title back. One of the most beneficial things about title loans is that there is no credit check to keep you from getting the money.

Title Loans Laurel Applications

If you’re wondering how much cash you can get with auto title loans in Delaware, just fill out our short application to find out. When you tell us what kind of vehicle you’re willing to use as loan security, we can give you a loan estimate. After that, it’s just a matter of going on the particulars of the loan package. We will answer all your questions and work out a deal that best meets your needs. Everything should be wrapped up in a day or less, and you get to take the money.

Delaware Legal Info

  • Before signing a loan agreement, borrowers must be given a written document with information about the loan, including the process of vehicle repossession for a loan that is in default.
  • Loans terms can extend a maximum of six months. This includes roll-over loans.
  • When a repossessed vehicle is sold, the money goes to the lender to recover the outstanding loan balance, but any excess money goes to the borrower.
  • Lenders are barred from threatening clients with legal action when the client defaults on a loan.
  • Delaware does not have a cap on interest rates.

Title Loan Benefits

  • Everything is quick with title loans, which is just how you want it. The application is quick. Processing is quick, and getting your money is quick. Most people get cash within hours of applying.
  • Without a credit check, everyone has a chance to be approved for a loan. No one is looking into your payment history because it doesn’t affect the title loan process.
  • Loan terms are short, but if you can’t make all the payments in the allotted time, just let us know you need help. We can roll that loan over to give you the time you need. In fact, when you combine the original loan term and all possible rollovers, you get up to 180 days to pay us back.
  • Our interest rates are competitive and typically lower than other similar types of loans, such as cash advance.
  • The car stays with you while you pay us back. All we need is the title.
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