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If it was just you, the spouse and the kids, money wouldn’t be an issue. Add an extra person, and you have to tighten the budget. When that extra person is an elderly family member or friend, your budget can quickly fall apart. Even if they have retirement benefits that include insurance, there are always extras costs. If you’re paying for them, then you need extra money. One way to get additional funds is through title loans in New Castle.

What are Title Loans New Castle?

A title loan is when you put up your vehicle as collateral in exchange for the money. You give the lender your vehicle title, and they give you money. During the loan process, you keep the car. After the loan is paid in full, the lender returns the title to you. One thing that you will not need to be concerned about is a credit check. Title lenders won’t check your credit, which means even those with bad credit can get money in a time of need.


  • Vehicles must be owned by the applicant and have no liens.
  • Applicants must have a job or get money from another source, such as retirement benefits.
  • Must be at least 18 years old.

Title Loans New Castle Applications

Applications for title loans in New Castle are easy. Choose your vehicle’s make, model, style and year. Type in the mileage, your name and your contact information. When you submit it, we’ll give an estimate of how much money your vehicle gets you. Then, we craft a loan package that works for you. This includes getting a more accurate value of your vehicle so we can put a final dollar amount on your loan. We also set up your payment schedule and determine when you get to claim the money. Most of our clients get their cash in a day or less.

Delaware Legal Information

Borrowers are to be given a written explanation of their title loan before they sign the loan agreement. If they choose, a borrower can get out of a title loan by paying back the entire loan amount within one business day of accepting the funds. Lenders may not charge a cancellation fee. Lenders must also avoid threatening legal action against their clients who default on a loan. Before repossessing a vehicle, the lender must offer the borrower a chance to correct their account by paying 10 percent or more each month. Loan terms may not exceed 180 days.

Title Loan Benefits

  • Fast
    Applications only take minutes to complete. You get a loan estimate almost immediately after submitting your application. Loans are processed in less than a day in almost all cases. Most people get the money they’re after within hours of applying.
  • No credit check
    Why bother applying for a loan that is based on how well you pay your debts when you can apply for one that doesn’t have a credit check? Having your credit checked is fine if your credit is good, but for the many, many other people who lack good credit, taking a look at how they pay their bills could result in a loan denial. No need to be concerned about that with auto title loans in Wilmington and New Castle. All title loans are based on collateral.
  • Keep the car
    You might have assumed that by putting up your vehicle to get the loan you would have to leave the car with us, but no. We really don’t have the space to keep it, and why should you be stranded when you need your vehicle more than us.
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