Title Loans Norristown, Pennsylvania

Bad news comes to everyone soon or later, and when it costs money, it’s even more difficult to handle. The news could be that termites have eaten away at your home and insurance doesn’t cover repairs. Or, maybe a loved one is diagnosed with an illness that requires expensive medicine. Whatever happens, you have to pay out a lot of money that strains your budget. What can you do? Finding extra cash to get through a financial challenge is easy when you apply for title loans.

What are Title Loans Norristown?

Car title loans are simplified personal loans from an alternative lender. Unlike mainstream loans that include longer applications, plenty of documentation and a credit check, title loans take a more basic approach. Applications are short, processing is fast and very few documents are required. Plus, there’s no credit check.

Plenty of people have poor or bad credit, but that doesn’t mean they should be denied financial help forever. Title lenders believe in second chances, so our loans are designed to help those in need. By using your vehicle as collateral, you are securing the loan and reducing the risk that you will default on the loan. Anyone with any type of credit score can get title loans Norristown.

Loan requirements include the applicant being at least 18 years old, having proof of identification and having some type of income. Either you work, or you get money from another source, such as retirement or disability benefits. This money lets the lender know that you can afford loan payments. The vehicle used for loan security should be owned by the borrower and have a clear title. While your loan is current, the lender holds the title certificate. It is returned when the loan is paid back.

Apply for Title Loans Norristown

The make, model, year, style and mileage of your vehicle is the information needed to complete the application. We use that to give you a loan estimate. We also need your name and contact information so we can get in touch with you about the loan estimate. If you like our offer, accept it, and loan processing can start immediately.

During processing, we ask more information about your vehicle and may do a brief on-site inspection. This is so that we assess the correct value of the car since loan amounts are based on that assessment. Also part of processing is an explanation of how title loans work, and we set up your repayment schedule. Arrangements are made for you to bring us the vehicle title papers and sign a loan contract. Within hours, maybe less, your final loan package is complete, and you will likely have the money in less than a day.

Title Loan Regulations

State law prohibits title loans, so locals need to drive across the border to Delaware for the money they need. Legal guidelines there include loan terms and renewals of up to 180 days and the borrower’s right to cancel a loan by repaying the money within one business day of getting a payment. Lenders must give borrowers written information about title loans and their consequences before the borrower signs a loan agreement. The lender may not threaten legal action for a delinquent account.


• Title loans have fast and easy applications.
• Processing is fast, and most people get the cash within a day.
• There is no credit check. Even with bad credit, you can apply and expect to have your loan approved.
• We let you keep driving your car while you pay us back.
• If you can’t pay off the debt by deadline, we can renew the loan.

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