Title Loans in Pennsylvania

Everything You Need to Know About Title Loans Pennsylvania

Being short on money is serious. It doesn’t matter if your credit is good or bad. We’re all human beings and we all need money to live. Not having enough means you’re going to suffer in some way. The problem is, traditional lending institutions like banks and credit unions are only interested in what’s in your credit report. If you don’t have excellent credit, they aren’t going to extend a loan to you. Period.

That’s what makes title loans in Pennsylvania different. We will never check your credit before we approve your loan. We don’t care about the mistakes you may have made in the past. We only care about getting you the money you need. We work by holding the title to a car you own outright in exchange for loaning you money. The amount we’ll loan you is based on how much your car is worth. We’ll hold your title as collateral until you pay your loan off, at which point we’ll return your title to you.

Applying for Title Loans Pennsylvania

Applying for title loans in Pennsylvania is easy. First, get a quote right here on our website. Just tell us what your car’s make, model and mileage are, and what year it was made. Then give us your basic contact information. We’ll respond instantly with the amount of money we can loan you based on your car’s value.

We’ll call you soon after to see if you like the quote you got and if you’d like to complete your application. If you’re not ready, that’s fine. Our online quotes are free and no-obligation. But if you are ready, we’ll need a copy of your driver’s license, proof of income, proof of residence and the original car title. For auto equity loans, you don’t need to be currently working as long as you have some form of regular, verifiable income. This can be from retirement, disability, pension, rental income, worker’s compensation or child support. We’ll take your title and hold it securely, and hand you your check. It’s that easy.

Rules and Regulations for Auto Title Loans

Auto equity loans aren’t legal in every state. The state government in Pennsylvania has actually banned car title lenders from practicing in that state. All is not lost, though, if you’re a Pennsylvania resident and you need an auto equity loan. We at Delaware Car Title Loans have been providing loans to our neighbors above the Mason-Dixon line for years. Today’s internet-heavy world have made online title loans a real thing, and nearly every step of our application process can be completely through our website or over the phone. You’ll only need to pay us a visit to drop off your title, let us inspect your vehicle and pick up your check.

Because you’ll be getting a loan in the state of Delaware, you must meet this state’s eligibility requirements. In Delaware, to get a car title loan, you must be at least 18 years old, you must be the sole owner of the vehicle in question and there can’t be any liens against the vehicle’s title. You must surrender the original title, not a copy.

Title Loans Can Help You

Do you need money to make ends meet? To pay off debt? To pay unexpected bills? Or would you like to treat yourself to a nice vacation? What ever you need the money for, we’re here to help. Get your free online title loansquote now and see how much money we can lend you today!